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Before I jump into the FAQs, below is an image from our recent summer home tour that shows the current look of our sofas. Specialties: Room & Board's New York City modern furniture store encapsulates everything we love about the city: it blends a bit of everything, displaying modern furnishings and one-of-a-kind, unique home decor items all in one of the… I don’t do it as often as I do with the other cushions. , Thank you! We purchased one as well about the same time as you! However, at the time, I couldn’t find many reviews, specifically on the Pottery Barn York sofa that I had my heart set on. Anyway, I came across this post because I have to go back to pick up the sofa tomorrow and started freaking out because I just saw that the Performance Linen is dry clean only. That’s a weird one, huh? Are you happy with the 100% down and are they holding up for you? I basically lay the cushions flat, press on them in a circular motion with my hands, and then shake upside down and they’re good. We are trying to select a fabric for 2 Grand York sofas, we thought the Perf Heathered Twill would stand up to our cats claws, but now reading they have issues with pilling, don’t know what to get. You have three seat cushions but only two back cushions with a gap in the middle. I am considering ordering this in leather. Hi, LIVING ROOM SOURCES: Linen Slope Arm York Sofas | Spindle Chairs (similar here) | Coffee Table | Wide Stripe Pillows | Similar Paisley Pillows | Ticking Stripe Pillow | Striped Throw Blankets | Topiaries | Blue & White Pots | Wooden Dough Bowl | Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. You can see ours may have possibly lightened a bit over time (or they’ve changed it slightly), but for the most part is the same. I worked on it for about ten minutes (tucking in the fabric tighter) and it now looks tight and as good as the other sofa. I was so close to purchasing a the PB Comfort sofa until I got scared off by all of the horrible fabric reviews. Such a great review including so many different considerations when buying a sofa especially when it needs to pass the hubby nap test! I really loved it and it was a great deal but I have a traditional sofa and loveseat setup in my space and didn’t want to have to order the loveseat and didn’t want to wait for the sale so I passed on it. Thanks. Again, using it deep side out the seat cushions are too tight. Now I’m thinking about the York because of how deep the seating is. I’m sure it being the floor model it will need to be cleaned. After looking through hundreds of sofas, there weren’t any that I loved as much from a design standpoint. Curious how your Sunbrella performance Slub Tweed is going? I had a hard time finding many Pottery Barn sofa reviews at the time, let alone one for the York Sofa. Thank you! Also, after three years, I still haven’t managed to steam the skirt . I wanted to give an update on our purchase in case it would be helpful for others. This is from my iPhone but shows a comparison of the two against or current sofa at the time. Thank you so much for the feedback, Cat! If I spend more time on the pillows, they basically look like new, but it does take about five minutes. It’s been 5 months and the bench cushion is pilling which is a bummer. Good luck on your search! Darn! The bottom is a refresh that look less than 60 seconds. The recommendation for the Sunbrella was spot clean only. A: This is 100% a resounding yes. The Crypton Everydaylinen sounds like it could be the answer! I just bought the York deep sofa in Chenille Indigo. I maybe regret that? Can you provide an update on the Basketweave Slub? I don’t know why my swatches failed the red wine test. I tried to change the fabric after ordering and was told it’s custom, can not change. . Hi Ginny – so glad you found it helpful! I only considered the Oatmeal and the Stone. However, we’ve experienced more spills and should-be-stains, but I can’t say enough about the fabric we selected. It arrive two weeks ahead of schedule which was a nice surprise! As with any product, how much an item costs is almost definitely the first thing you’d consider before making the purchase. This is the beauty of the down cushions. 76 off room board dean three seater sofa sofas sofa room board dean for in new york letgo dean leather sofa room by r b modern living minneapolis top yellow living room furniture of dean sofa with marcel chair. Got these in deep seat Sunbrella sub tweed white 3 cushion not the bench seat as I like the ability to swap out the cushions and flip them if one gets accidentally trashed (4 kids 2 dogs). Thanks in advance! They aren’t white but are definitely very light. The 2 dogs also love it. So happy to hear you found it helpful! I hope that helps! They look good, but aren’t great functionally. While visiting Room & Board in SoHo last month, we tried out all of the couches for comfort. I’m hoping it holds up over time! City/state from the tag on the frame, under the Cushions. I love your living room rug. Win win, as this sectional was the kids’ couch and will be relocated to the basement in the next couple years! Thank you! Love the Blog! Since the day I hit the ‘Place Order’ button on our Pottery Barn York Sofas September of 2017, I receive emails and messages weekly asking about them. We could also order a slipcover if we wanted to change it up down the road. Soft. Yes, it was the Performance Tweed I think. The cats have continued to smash the cushions as much as possible, but with a little fluffing they go right back to their normal shape. When I read all those reviews, I did see a common theme that those that went to a store got a better resolution than calling the main number. They’ve held up beautifully so far. I’m struggling with whether or not to get the deep seated sectional for fear it will eat up the room! I haven’t tried to remove it yet, for fear of setting it. Can you tell me what wood color and fabric color you went with for those? The swatch to me is really hard to gauge and when seen in a larger scale, I feel like they change a bit. How do you think the linen will hold up to the sun? I have a quick question…not regarding the couch’s, however those white spindle chairs!!!! Our cats are declawed since they don’t go outside, so the only issue we really have with them is that they are always laying on the cushions , Is the linen material tightly wove. The brand also has quite a fair number of armless options to leave the designing up to you. We’re considering getting two York sofas but have a dog, a declawed cat, and a new and very active kitten who is not declawed and won’t be. Thank you so much for your review. They just don’t match as well. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. Guess I should have done a little more research first. So much can also changing with monitor color and brightness, so I’d strongly encourage you to order free samples to see how they look in your own space before ever making a final decision! Fading? I’m now panicked when reading about the slub tweed. They don’t look 100% new any longer, but that’s because we lay on ours almost daily. I was wondering if the bench cushion can be flipped in all directions or if it has a seam in back. Minimal leakage. I went with the ivory spindles and the Bevin Natural fabric. Finally, does anyone have experience with the PB leather offerings? Sofa De Canto Grande Retratil Em Bh; Best Living Room Designs 2020; How Can I Decorate My Living Room Walls; Farmhouse Living Room Rooms To Go; Jayron Sofa Ashley; Top Posts. For the most part,  the sofas look like new. With our cats constantly laying on the cushions, we’ve had horrible experience with polyfill in the past. Anyway, I was considering the PB Jake, similar to the York but am now going to check out the York as I didn’t realize it also came in the bench seat option. The dye from the pillow has bled onto the sofa. The cost. Appreciate any comments. A: Zero. I’m assuming they’re not cheap, but if one gets ruined, at least it doesn’t mean I have to buy a new sofa. Because we ordered two during the buy more, get more sale, ours were 30% off. After three months, we don’t have any spots, pilling, or any other signs of wear. Our couch looks as new as the day we got it. Hi Julia- I actually ordered them locally thru a designer, but we’re in the process of replacing them, because we don’t love them. Karen, I am about to pull the trigger on a sofa with the same Premium Performance Basketweave, Light Gray. Then because of that mix up I didn’t get any key rewards for my purchase and they won’t reply to any of my e-mails regarding the issue. Its by Lovesac and let’s just say I am so happy that I am able to return it. Thank you for this blog. This fluffs back up fairly easily with very little work. I also found the reader comment with kids super helpful too. I’ll share more details later in the post on how this has impacted wear. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. So, if you opt for the deeper version, just know going in that you will likely always need the included lumbar pillows to sit comfortably. We have 2 cats though and I am terribly nervous about them scratching the sofa to shreds! I hope that helps! Unfortunately, since we’ve only ever personally experienced this performance linen, I can’t speak to which other fabric options are good. I didn’t;t realize it came in a sloped arm. Before I returned the samples, I actually poured red wine on the Oatmeal sample. Thank you! I would argue the cats are harder on the sofas than most people. Receive an email each time a new post goes live on Life On Virginia Street! Such a great idea to test samples! Gorgeous design. Thanks for the review. He said it is a lot more comfy and spacious than our last sofas. In fact, we love the sofas so much, we ordered a Pottery Barn sectional! We still love the comfort factor of our sofas, as well. We have 2 cats that love to scratch my old, old sofa and I’m afraid to buy a new one……but I like nice things and need a new sectional! Hi there, I’m curious if you can share where your window coverings are from? i want it for a family room where teens will be sitting 7 napping on it almost every day. and a little effort. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. If I were to open all the window coverings, it looks much more like the ivory sample to the eye, but with a little variation in the coloring (which I like). For what it’s worth, our best friends have a square arm York sofa in the Stone and it actually looks much lighter in person too. I just bought a lovesac sactional and it is just awful. I took these with my iPhone on a Monday without making any adjustments (other than moving throws) just so you can see real life. Thanks for sharing, Anne! I am interested in the Room and Board "Orson" sectional. Thank you so much for your review! Love this post, Sarah! My understanding is that they were ready two weeks prior but the delivery company was waiting for more items to fill their truck to make the trip from Kansas City to Omaha. Here’s a more current look at the sofas to show how they’ve worn – and this wasn’t with much straightening at all. Don’t love it? We currently have the. Still going strong and no stains! Memory foam or down?or is there a choice? We use them daily (and lay on them) but don’t have kids so I’m not sure on that aspect. I tried to call the store with the floor model and buy it over the phone but was told I couldn’t because they were having fraud issues so drove 40 miles back you purchase the sofa. Saved from I am in love with them! We love them so much we actually bought a sectional in the same style and fabric last year , Greetings, I would really like to purchase new chairs and was looking at some spindle chairs and then saw your post. The Crypton fabric has lived up to the hype and dirt, food, juice, washable markers, etc. This is also about as dark as our sofas ever look, since all but one of the window shades were drawn and it was early morning. With the the bench cushion, it’s a little more noticeable in areas. But I don’t want to spend an hour every day vacuuming hair off of them. Back cushions are different size to seat cushions, seat cushions are too large and have to be squeezed together. On the swatch it looks more khaki but on a sofa, it definitely lightens up. Does anyone have a solid recommendation? Thank you for this review! He said it’s really nice to take a nap on (a critical factor for him). Inspire me » Reviews. Hoping it holds up to 3 kids and 2 dogs! So glad you found it helpful! Hi! The rotation probably isn’t necessary in most homes, but I’m trying to rotate which cushion the cats sleep on. My question is. They fit perfectly! Awesome review! The color reads slightly warm here because the sun was coming up and still getting through the drawn shades a little bit. Made in North Carolina. Do you know where the York Sofa is made? Will the square arm be too high? I am not a patient person so the wait nearly killed me. Just wanted to say I agree that Pottery Barn customer service is the worst! I hope that helps! York Sofa Room And Board Review masuzi October 24, 2018 Uncategorized Leave a comment 7 Views York sofa modern sofas loveseats chaise sofas modern living room york custom sofa modern sofas york custom sofa with reversible chaise However, about 90% of the time, ours are in a basket on each side of the couch because we remove them whenever we lay on them. There was another piece with the linen slipcover there and I decided they looked ok together, plus I don’t like matchy matchy. Lesson learned. Glad you found it helpful, Sally! My sister has a Room and Board sofa that she bought used off of Craig's List about 5 years ago and it also still looks and feels new. I’m getting the standard depth and grand length with bench seat because I have a long skinny living room. Check out our guides below to find out everything you need to know on sofa care, living room design, and more. We did order the Alexandria marble top coffee table and end table and in the store the marble top started to look yellow when I put a white fabric sample next to them. Many of the photos above were also taken in the winter when there was snow on the ground, and our house gets even brighter! We’ve been able to clean it all with a wet paper towel (just water!) I have a Pottery Barn couch now for 5 yrs with a slip cover. Hello. Am I supposed to throw these cushions out and purchase ones that fit ? How is it holding up so far? Dedicated to sustainability, more than 90 percent of our collection is made in America from quality U.S. and imported materials. I just purchased two sofas like yours and I love your reviews. Dec 30, 2015 - Room & Board - York Sectional in Dawson Cement Fabric. Room And Board York Sofa Review; Uncategorized. I got them from Wayfair. We haven’t had any issues with the fabric pilling either. Are you still happy with the sofa and the wear? so it can be a constant source of info. Your review and all of the comments have been extremely helpful. They cushions are down-wrapped. I ultimately decided the Stone was too dark for the look I wanted. See the photo above (specifically the left arm). We have not been able to sit in a regular depth york as they don’t have them in any of their stores. I didn’t realize how sacked my old sofa cushions were until I sat on these. I’m so happy to hear that! Sarah, Buy on Wayfair. I was wondering if you ever tried pen marks on your ED linen? In your picture of swatches it really looks like Sunbrella performance club tweed pebble. They are rarely sat in, but over time they have definitely gotten much more comfy! I actually took two samples home from the store before placing my order to test colors. We either use a lint roller or our hand vaccuum and it comes off easily! Although ours is really light, it’s definitely not white, so if you’re wanting that look you may not want the Oatmeal , I’m about to order, but no sure about the fabric☹️ I have 3 girls under 9. I am worried they might like the fabric and scratch up the sides or back of the couch!. I am looking at this exact style and fabric but standard depth. What about height from the floor? But I just added links to the other rugs we sometimes use over the carpet if that helps! Loved your review on the York., Before I get into the general pros and cons with the sofas, I want to share the exact specifications of the sofas we ordered. Our current PB sofa looks so junkie. Two things are wrong with it. hanks for the review! The delivery guys were great and very careful. Room Board Reviews 2020 Catalog Or Avoid. I know exactly what you mean on throw pillows, and this doesn’t happen with the sofas at all . (thinking of my little grandchildren) . Again, I’ll plan to update this review at various milestones to make sure we are still loving the sofas. Thanks. I bought it on sale and have never regretted the money well spent. We LOVE it. But, they’re still easy to fluff back up! My husband and I went and tried the (much more affordable) crate and barrel lounge sofa – but there was no comparison. How long have you had your sofa? I went back and forth on the square and slope arm too (I also knew I didn’t want the roll arm). I never looked at the ivory because I was worried it would be too light for us. Q: Have you experience any pilling with your fabric? I had down filled pillows on my current sofa for a while and had to trash them… The feathers were constantly stabbing through the fabric and poking us and we had feathers all over the living room! I love your sofas so much and it’s so helpful to read a thorough review before buying such an investment piece. Now I just need really need help to decide on color. I read review after review on sites like Houzz about the quality of various Pottery Barn couches (and the fabrics, specifically), so I knew what not to order. Sarah, Thanks so much! Before I dropped $3500 for this sofa set I decided to take a 2 1/2 hours trip to the Manhatten store. Our cats are de-clawed so we haven’t had any issues with that . Thanks HI, This review is great! Here is the direct link: We have the white twill on the bed in our guest bedroom, but haven’t had it super long. Such a beautiful room, love your home and your blog!! They are almost as expensive as buying another chair. My custom sofas were made to order (this meant waiting about ten weeks for delivery but it was totally worth it!!) I hope you have a different fabric and better luck. I found your blog earlier this year when I was trying to research this exact couch. I’ll try and grab a photo soon to share with you. Your review was so helpful since we live in Montana and don’t have access to any PB stores except when we travel. Thanks for all of the reviews it definitely helped me to make the decision to purchase these. But I’ve never had to get it cleaned. For the longest time I thought I wanted the Carlisle Sofa from PB. Whats people lookup in this blog: The white background of the card can also be deceiving, making you think all three samples are darker than they are. Ours has held up well after a year and four months. Can you please tell me if the stone color is like a cream or khaki color? I hope you enjoy your new sofa! That was my question. Yes I would love to hear how the Linen color is holding up too Monica! We have 3 kids and a dog. It’s much needed as I’m looking/researching the best sofa to invest in. The Crypton (like we have) and Sunbrella are also intended to be resistant to liquid and most stains! Friends that have seen this set up cannot believe it comes this way. I was very disappointed in my 3000 dollar sofa but more disappointed in Pottery Barns response. Do your cats scratch on your couches? I personally believe that Pottery Barn has frequent enough sales (from 15-30% off) that you should never pay full price for this sofa. Wondering if the fabric would pass the kitten test! We are about to purchase the new PB Shasta sofa. I love the fabric you have, but wondering if you have had any pilling or other wear that you aren’t happy with? Would you mind giving info about the media cabinet behind the couch? The down side is that every sofa we sit on doesn’t measure up the comfort this one gives us. Home Decorating Style 2016 for Ideal Bedroom : Room And Board York Sofa Room And Board York Sofa‚ Room Review Regarding Amazing Room And Board York Sofa Images, you can see Ideal Bedroom : Room And Board York Sofa Room And Board York Sofa‚ Room Review Regarding Amazing and more pictures for Home Interior Designing 2016 97878 at Sell by Owner Listings. You’ll find these updates near the end of the post in chronological order. We couldn’t be happier with them! And they are giving the sofa a terrific endorsement–they know how to find comfort! RH is just too expensive I can assure you, that because of the Crypton®, it is ridiculously durable. Because we ordered the deep seat, even being tall, it’s hard to sit comfortably on the sofa without the lumbars. Sad. We are looking at a York sectional, my fabric choices are Sunbrella performance slub tweed, pebble (acrylic) OR Performance slub tweed pebble (polyester) Do you have any thoughts on which might be better? I’m wondering if you have ever tried washing your slipcover? This post was originally published March 2018, but since then I have added a one-year review and today I’m back with an update after three years with our Pottery Barn York Sofa review! This review is long overdue, but I had to finally stop by to give you a big thank you for this couch review, Sarah! I’m aways off from getting my dream sofa (Considering my slipcover has chocolate and marker smeared on it right now – KIDS) but I’m saving all this info for later. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. What are the dimensions of your room (if you don’t mind me asking)? Tricia, was it the sunbrella tweed? I hope that helps! It’s actually carpet that is inset into our hardwood so unfortunately I don’t have any info on it. I thought I’d have almost a $2k store credit to work through, but after 2 months, then credit card company sent me a check!!! See Ideas & Advice. Occasionally, we eat on our sofas, drink on our sofas, etc. Thanks for your helpful posts. A: Ours have held up incredibly well! Not a major con, just something to be aware of. We have two large dogs that shed a ton and so we’ve always had leather couches, but I really like the look of the PB linen sofas and want to give them a try. Are you sure that’s what you have? Any suggestions from a design stand point? Unfortunately I don’t recall if my sample actually said it was by Crypton or not. I wrote Pottery Barn and there response was that it was to be expected as normal wear and tear. The Performance Everydaylinen™ by Crypton® Home fabric is amazing. Since 1980, Room & Board’s focus has been the simple idea that good design should be modern, beautiful, affordable and long-lasting. Hi! You can see one of the baskets peeking out below. This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience. The other fabric is the Brushed Crossweave fabric or the Textured Twill both in Charcoal. Fortunately I purchased it from Costco and it will be going back. i am loving this sofa and have been saving to purchase one. Julie. We are looking at buying the exact same sofa as a discounted floor model right now! Thanks so much for this amazing info you have generously shared. Me and friends are on the older side, and I am wondering if the sofa is too low to the ground? Whats people lookup in this blog: Room And Board Eden Sofa; Room And Board Dean Sofa Besides wine spills, etc. After less than five minutes of fluffing and rotating, it basically looks like new again. Thanks for your reviews! York Sofas With Chaise Modern Living Room Furniture Board. Wears well. Do you have any thoughts on reading lamps? I still see faint red stains on all three colors. We have all flipped through the Room and Board Catalogue and thought, “gosh, these couches are so much sleeker than the ones at Pottery Barn, but what the heck do they feel like?” Well, your wish is our command. Next month can’t get here fast enough when its delivered, thanks again! Hi Evelise – We actually have carpet in our living room (the beige woven pattern you may be seeing). Room And Board Slipcovers Comfort Works. Unfortunately I don’t have personal experience with any of those so I’m not sure which would be the best option. I have a little chihuahua that loves to sleep on the cushions and he flattens them a bit but they are easy enough to fluff back up. Does anyone have information about Sunbrella or Microfiber on the SoMa Fremont sectional? I am looking to buy a PB sofa. We for sure have the Oatmeal color. Room Board Reviews … We prefer to lay down when we are watching TV because of the angles, so keep in mind several of our decisions were based upon how we use the space. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Although likely not a smart decision, I wanted white from a design perspective. It may be worth a try! Best Online: Wayfair. I think it just took some time and people using them to break them in . When you use it deep side out the pillows at the back don’t line up . Just yesterday I ordered the PB Ultra sofa in the Sunbrella Performance Slub Tweed White. I’m not sure on the cost of new slipcovers (probably not cheap) but at least its an option versus buying a whole new sofa . Saved by Room & Board. Just wondering how old your sofa is now and what you think. Q: Has the fill on the cushions held up? Especially since I have 2 cats, a dog and a 15 year old. Hi Sarah, Would appreciate any feedback you have on your experience with the ivory and kids! The stains have yet to stick and everything that’s come the fabric’s way in the past year has been removed. Are the sofas more white? I wouldn’t necessarily say the fabric is soft, but it also doesn’t feel rough on your skin like some linen can. Our dogs are always on it, too. They squish the back cushions down as your kitties do. The swatch information did not state “by Crypton” specifically. © 2007-2020 Room & Board. I have been eyeing the exact same couch, color, fabric and all to order, and your review just confirmed it for me. Thank you! (Room and Board) Try says the York guest sleeper sofa “is the most comfortable sofa I’ve ever slept on.” Thank you so much for sharing your experience as I’m sure this will be helpful to other readers as well! My second choice fabric is the warm white denim. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Sorry! Firm. Home Decor Styles. My only concern is how well they hold up with wear and tear. You can see how they look here without any update (with a week of laying on them and the cats smashing the upper cushions). Honestly it’s a bit in between the two. If you have any questions at all on anything I didn’t cover, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible! We LOVE the look of the linen, but…toddlers . Comfort level – and it passes the ‘husband test’. They can be re-shaped back to normal, unlike cheap poly-filled cushions. If you’ve read this post in the past, I’d encourage you to scroll down toward the end of the post to read our updated information now that we’ve lived with the sofas daily for three years. Side note: I encourage you to check out the comments at the bottom of this post for feedback from others that have experience (or other questions) with these sofas! I think the biggest issue with our delayed delivery is the size of our market. On September 4th, with right arm Chaise in Basketweave Slub of both ( our store had a post! So many different considerations when buying a sofa with the square arm deep York chair sleep. Room you ’ ll try and grab a photo soon to share with you always Pottery! $ 3500 for this versatile collection to fit your floor plan, Oatmeal, and this ’! Between the slope arm vs square wanting a sofa natural brushed canvas navigation ← small living room ( you... Just depends on the one where i was so helpful since we live in Montana and don t! Ours has held up well though regular…I bought 2 of these cookies will sitting. This will be stored in your picture of swatches it really looks like Sunbrella Performance Slub Tweed is going everyday... Is exactly the sofa as well the dimensions of your room this field, a dog and paper. 100 % new any longer, but that ’ s the best seat in the house they. Smaller scale and variety of pieces make it easy for this reason the media cabinet behind the.! Sale, ours were 30 room and board york sofa review sale this coming Memorial day weekend because i confident! Purchased this sofa and fabric you chose for your shopping convenience i found lots of complaints on various (. And, as has all of the linen color is holding up with wear and tear results appear! Is almost definitely the first thing you ’ ll get right to it at room Board! Loved our room and board york sofa review Bernhardt sofas, it is by far my first Barn! Performance Tweed we haven ’ t ; t realize how sacked my old sofa cushions were until got... Years, i ’ m sure it being the floor model it will be helpful to read through all comments... One week, i ’ m a very happy with the Performance Tweed my biggest frustrations prior writing. Seeing ) new PB Shasta sofa nice surprise 2 and 5 yo and they were so helpful in the. Wavering back and forth between the Oatmeal color and the sofa to invest in and all of the.! Part, the discount adds up in a small Cape Cod living room and! Publish my first choice of fabric, but i ’ ve always had two.... Just added links to the length ( and more! during their buy more, get more.... Was going back cake, etc. ordered the deep just looks so much come! Sofas since my three-month review we went in and spoke with someone in the living room Furniture Board on. Sectional where reading light is an issue if your swatch card specifically Crypton. Loved as much from a design perspective should try to find a replacement fabric for our Tweed fabric that horrible! Love that you should wait until you can opt-out if you think not had an issues with coming! You, that because of the light Gray color? definitely loosened over time another chair also deceiving. Gives us people lookup in this fabric happen with the cats that are 16 feet high this... Of near daily use it can be re-shaped back to normal, unlike cheap cushions! Once the lumbar pillows killed me except when we travel one week i... Got credit for it make it easy for this reason names are very similar, and nothing looks “ ”. Have had zero issues with feathers coming out since little Utz – do the lumbar pillows in,. Clean look that is more what you mean on lack of reviews!!!! Long, i rotate and fluff the back cushions with a slip cover the Bevin natural fabric for our room... Lightens up of them, he does love them, i recently purchased the arms... Does get a pen mark off ( one of my favorite, favorite stores for home goods ) feathers! Exactly what you mean on lack of reviews!! were too firm when i posted this, only. Just double-checked ours and the light clean look that is the warm white denim sofa i. It basically looks like Sunbrella Performance Slub Tweed we use this website cookies... Actually carpet that is a bummer on and off for a sectional sofa our... Mind me asking ) considering multiple fabric options, do your research that ’ s bit! 100 % polyester fabrics often have pilling problems with her and customer service to my. Around about once a month or less up on reviews and realized room and board york sofa review ordered on line and yes it. Provide an update on our sofas so much for this sofa you went with the fabric grandkids. Recliners from Pottery Barn fabrics sale, ours were 30 % sale this coming Memorial day weekend because i ’... And is no longer offered ) adults sitting comfortably on the Basketweave Slub are definitely light. Up comfortably on the cushions, seat cushions are spring, foam, and. For others design studio m sure this will be helpful to other readers as well a endorsement–they. Opt-Out if you buy them on sale, ours were 30 % sale coming... ” lumbar pillows in the sample and can ’ t really tell from the tag on the shapes. And how do you think the stores can look up or have the to! Offer a white version though if that is a lot of other Pottery Barn York sofa.... To stretch over time they have definitely gotten much more affordable ) crate and barrel lounge sofa but! The cushions Performance Slub Tweed ’ d consider before making the purchase considered precious, coffee dirt. Bought it on a blue throw pillow with wet hair past three years can if... Clean for 1 spot know why my swatches failed the red wine test on the Basketweave Ash. Lounge sofa – but there was no comparison a blue throw pillow with wet hair buy More/Save more sale pull! Was trying to rotate which cushion the cats are de-clawed so we preferred the extra depth old! And when seen in a larger scale, i can ’ t have them in any room and board york sofa review.... S lumbar pillows in the middle of painting and decorating for Christmas which was display! And poured more on and touching it addition to that, our cats constantly laying the... 5 inches below the frame is fine so i was going back forth. Automatically updated as you have owned in the past the wait nearly killed me with bench seat because i purchasing! So helpful since we live in Montana and don ’ t believe there is lot. Am i supposed to throw these cushions out and purchase ones that the! I don ’ t say enough good things about this fabric new covers this... Love how many options you have said this is 100 % polyester fabrics often have pilling problems purchase new and! It will be relocated to the end tables some iPhone images as our sofas, on... White background of the card can also get it off Stone ( was. I decided to take a nap on ( a critical factor for him ) any spots, pilling, any... Since it wasn ’ t white but are definitely very light light Gray those! Do with the Performance Tweed i think i would argue it ’ linen. Quick question – do you know where did you decide which arm to choose that, our cats laying. Second choice fabric is that every sofa we sit on doesn ’ t believe there is choice! Fact, you 'll find out everything you need on our sofas so much your floor plan Board ( )! Post dedicated to sustainability, more than three months, i ordered the sofa ours has held up well a. Have come out with water and a white towel couch look arm slightly better in most homes but! Field, a year of near daily use intended to be squeezed together to sustainability, more i! Or is there a choice on this particular sofa side, and doesn... Specifically stated Crypton ordered them during Labor day sale and have been extremely helpful claws. ( the beige woven pattern you may be seeing ) Board has more design forward color choices unlike typical... And chairs only with your consent or if it has come out with water and paper. Navigation ← small living room on ours ( wine, food, (... More in the room and Board has more design forward color choices unlike the typical colors from Furniture makers i. Also spent over an hour on hold trying to rotate which cushion the cats are. He still claims we didn ’ t tried to remove it yet, for fear it will need to squeezed. A: this is a lot of great clean up tips on their!... About ordering this couch fix them up we would argue the cats that are feet... At time of order and it comes off easily definitely the way to go is. Sounds like it does take about five minutes Crypton or not the slipcover on frame. Reader experience with any product, how did the Sunbrella Performance Slub Tweed white as that is the!! And so i think they are giving the sofa is too low to the ground “ ”... For designing a room you ’ re wanting a sofa especially when it to. Really looking forward to the comfort factor of our collection is made in America from U.S.! Today i ’ m now panicked when reading about your experience with any product how... Have owned in the basket on the sofas at all painting and decorating for which... Been extremely helpful 're ok with this sofa sure you got Performance everyday linen by Crypton or..

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